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About Me




Artist and researcher on a visit

I have developed strong skills in many areas; I am working at different universities as a visiting professor and on many different projects including artistic (painting, drawing, photography, video, performance, conceptual), research (visual communication, verbal communication, mythology and symbols, consciousness, human perception and behaviour) and commercial (illustrations, book design, corporate identities, web design, packaging). On one hand i had to develop various skills to be able to survive as freelancer and on the other this wass ideal for me because I am very curious and I want to understand all facets of life.

In my personal research I am expanding my knowledge of different fields which enabled me to get a much broader and complete understanding of Art  and Life as a whole, seeing the interconnectedness between all its streams. I am therefore capable of immediately varying creative and the teaching skills. In my past project and lectures I was able see that this was a privilege for my clients and students. I may say I work holistically.


I have been creating in different medias for the last 25 years. They all affected me and became inseparable part of my work. I am not painter, illustrator, designer or conceptual artist … my medium is everything what I can use; but lately painting and illustration in the sense of enlightening the reality. It is only a tool/expression I use in a given moment. A clear goal is very important in communication because it enables the recipient to receive the message in the intended form, not subjectively and full of individual interpretations.

Assistant professor

I am a Slovenian Professor of Art, Illustration and Visual communication, currently working at different Universities and higher education schools in Slovenia and abrod (Istanbul, Sofija, Zagreb). I started working at the Academy of Design. I have been in this position for 11 years at the university and I have an additional 7 years teaching experience at different levels. I play an active role in the maintenance of academic standards and in the development of educational policy and of curriculum areas within Art as an expert at The Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, where I conduct assessments of new programs.

  • I have been constantly lecturing in visual theory, theory of symbols, drawing, painting and illustration since 2000.
  • I have been Professor of Illustration at the Academy of Design.  I was playing an active role in developing the curriculum for the new academy for all three subjects but later assumed the role as lecturer for only one – Illustration. The program was designed according to the new Bologna standards, so we had to familiarise ourselves with the new European standards for universities and new ways of teaching. We succeed in getting accreditation for the new school from the government in 2007 and became affiliated with the University of Ljubljana. Last year we began with postgraduate studies : Applicative Illustration and Corporate Identities, which have been integrate with other courses from the department of Interior Design and Fashion.
  • I have been Professor of Drawing and Painting and fashion Illustration at the department of Fashion.
  • I am Professor of Visual comunication at VIST .

Personal research

I am working on my personal research in the field of visual communication in connection to our consciousness and creativity. I am incorporating knowledge of my personal research in my lectures and in my art work and I am writing a book about my conclusions just now. Good communication is the base of our reality or better said a creation of reality. Here are a few sentences from the beginning of my usual workshops in Creative Visual Communication.
When we are creative, we are uninhibited and therefore see beyond reality. We soon realise that we are the makers of reality with our attitude and communication. Consciously or not, we create reality on the fly. Artists use both ways but are freer when they are conscious of the creation process. It is this awareness and lack of personal involvement that make the difference between an amateur and an artist. However, in order to understand what we do, we have to understand how we do it. In this workshop we will raises awareness of the four levels of experiencing art that lead to creativity. ”